Avalon Health Estates
Our Services
At Avalon, we provide full service, we also
provide our specialized end of life hospice care.
We accept short term respite care or a trial
week or two prior to placing your loved one for
long term care.

You can rest assured that your loved ones will
receive loving, compassionate and respectful
care during their end of life period.

Our rates include all of the care and supplies
that may be necessary for your loved ones the
only exception would be charges for medication.

We do not add, as many facilities do, charges
for medication management, beauty care,
showers, food preparation or hand feeding or
for laundry.

We also provide fresh fruit and
snacks daily also without extra
charge and fresh flowers when
available from our garden.

We also provide for transportation to medical
appointments if necessary.

You are welcome to visit at any reasonable time
and during end of life days you are welcome 24

Please call 702-240-6102 to visit our home